A few tank corps.

78th Division

6th Division

3rd Division

6th MG Battalion, USMC, 2nd Division 

42nd Division

29th Division

7th, 13, 11th and 10th Divisions.

18th Division

39th Division

Graphic dynamite! Triangles, black cats, crescent moons, Native American profiles–World War I patches from various US division and battalions.

via US Militaria images via TrenchBuff


See these scenes play out in film at the Sharon Hayes show at the Whitney. It’s a mesmerizing 33 minutes of footage from the 1971 Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade shot by Women’s Liberation Cinema, with Kate Millet and Sharon Hayes voice over commentary. The photographs here are by Diana Davies via NYPL. She must have been hanging w the WLC because many of these shots are parallel to the footage. LO-VE


A most excellent pairing—Sight Unseen curates a pop up shop – SHAPE SHOP – inside Creatures of Comfort. Opens tomorrow, April 10th – May 6th. New Friends (Alex Segreti & I) will have select weavings, Best Woof prints, and new Torus bangles in the shop. Sight Unseen is also launching their first ever printed matter – Paper View – which looks totally gorgeous. New Friends ‘how to weave’ demo is included in the book. We’re psyched!!!


…we were nowheresville…

Thurston looking through old issues of his fan zine ‘Killer’.

And here’s Madonna on the cover, taken by Richard Kern, before she was a well known chanteuse.

Kim’s Nivea cream and make up.

Kim’s Black Flag earrings worn in the famous Ciccone Youth video.

Sweet Face

1988 NYC – sandwiched between Chinatown and LES lived Kim and Thurston in apartment below ‘the famous artist’ Dan Graham. Real downtown punk rock living! Railroad style. Watch the 3 part interview here. Incredibly dry humored Thurston is very entertaining. Cat and Kim talk included. Thanks for the tip Brock Shorno!